Thursday, October 23, 2008

Think outside the box!

I couldn't resist posting this picture of my little Tinker Bell from last year. We dress up to go to the church's Fall Festival.

She is into anything that is sparkly! Glitter is her best friend! The more it shines the better she likes it. She likes having her nails and toes painted. She is my little diva child!

This year, we have plans at my brother in laws home while the church is having it's Fall Festival.(We don't do Halloween) My nephew is in the army and this is his first leave since enlisting. We are having a good down home feast to celebrate!

I am hoping to catch the costume clearance sales and snag me some dress up Princess costumes for a good price for Christmas. I will let her have one now (if I find some at a good price)to dress up in so she won't totally miss out. I am also keeping my eye out in fabric and craft stores for sales in all things that sparkle so I can make some Christmas gifts. Now I didn't come up with the idea about buying Halloween costumes on clearance for Christmas presents (I'm not that creative! I tend to think inside the box! Something I'm trying to overcome!) but I thought this was an awesome idea for dress up whether it's for boys or girls. Just something to keep in mind while going after the Halloween Clearance can be more than just about the candy! (Did I just say that!)

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