Monday, October 18, 2010

Financial update...

Financial update....well, really, there isn't much to update. We are currently enrolled in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. I LOVE it!! I just thought I was on a budget! One thing you realize when taking his class is that you HAVE to be organized and prepared! I discovered that we were just floating through life. No savings, no emergency fund, no car repair fund, no vacation fund...the list goes on and on! Thus, this is one reason we got ourselves in MAJOR credit card debt! Now we are actually trying to get organized and prepared. EVERY dollar is accounted for! It's time consuming and stressful (for me anyhow), but it's well worth the benefits.

So, this morning I have been working on the budget and tweaking amounts. Did I mention it was stressful?! Christmas coming up, bills behind, Senior pictures to buy, winter clothes to replace....UGH!!!! I am struggling with not allowing this to steal my joy...I MUST trust my Heavenly Father!! I worry! I stress!! I try to figure things out and plan...and it does nothing but add to my stress level! I become depressed and discouraged! Realistically, it took almost 3 years to get us into this debt mess, so I can't just wave a magic wand and get out of it. I know this is a growing season for me! Trust has always been a huge issue for me! So, to trust God to bring me through this is HUGE! I know silly, right? I trust Him to save my soul, but not help me with my finances.

Okay, thinking positively...we are on a budget...a STRICT budget. We are becoming organized and prepared. We ARE trusting our Heavenly Father to bring us through this!!!

Now, I am trying to think creatively about Christmas. I am clueless! I have no ideas! I'm frustrated! Ugh! I am running into issues finding winter clothes at Goodwill too! I think more people are shopping at Goodwill, so the selection has went way down. Jeff's compressor in his car has went out (no money saved for that yet). We are STILL waiting to see if our mortgage company will approve us for a loan modification (it's been almost 4 months). Hmmmm, let's see and gas is going up in price, and winter is coming so the electric bill will most likely go up. And to top it all off....Jeff's overtime hours have been reduced and possibly discontinued until Spring. Wow!! I'm just spreading the joy and happiness, huh?

On to the positive,taking Dave Ramsey's class, doing budget and menu plan, and we are enjoying simple and fun family times!

So, there is the is what it is. Depressing...but hopeful.