Thursday, October 2, 2008

Low Rise Jeans!!! UGH!

Okay! Please allow me to vent about these ridiculous jeans! These jeans mock my body and all it's squishy parts! Once I had these jeans on, I thought that they looked pretty good. I was in style! I was pleased with my thrift store find. A pair of LEI jeans that looked hardly worn, they were dark blue with the appropriate faded areas and a flare leg and they were only $2!! I was pumped!
I couldn't wait to wear my freshly laundered jeans. I excitedly pulled them on and admired that I still fit (or so I thought) in a size 4. I looked hip! Well, as hip as a Mom age 39 with 2 kids could look anyhow. Then I went to take the load of kids to school (I drive my nieces and son to and from school). Once I sat in the van I noticed the horror!! The explosion of squishiness that spilled out over the top of my jeans! Ugh! I pulled at them trying to stuff it all back in but it was in vain! I then frantically pulled at my shirt to cover the mass of squishiness! Maybe I somehow put the jeans in a bind or twisted them when entering the van that caused them to fit differently (yes! when faced with the squish factor you try to rationalize things!). As the day continued I was constantly tugging, pulling and adjusting but to no avail! What kind of stinkin jeans were these?! Ugh!
I soon realized my age! I no longer had a firm tummy, two kids took care of that for me and I am not willing to be uncomfortable to be hip! So, where are the jeans you ask...well, yes, I will wear them again. No! I don't like to torture myself; however; I am a tight wad and the jeans were $2. So, they will be paired with a large shirt that covers the white, squishy mound of flesh that protrudes from them when sitting...or bending...or reaching....or MOVING!

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Janelle said...

I laughed so hard I almost spit my coffee out Wendy. Thanks for the chuckle!!! Girl you are too hilarious. Have a good weekend.