Friday, October 3, 2008

Already thinking Christmas!

Yep! I am making myself think Christmas! I have been making lists and checking it and Santa are very close! Lol! But seriously, I have been working on some Christmas projects.

What do you think?

First time....not too bad!

I have also been working on another project, but unfortunately I haven't gotten it completed yet. I just need to do a little more! But, I will post it soon.
One thing I have noticed is when you are trying to save money, you become tuned in to your creative side! Lol!

The focus in our family never really has been about gifts....well, in my immediate family that is. As a Christian, I try to celebrate the "true" meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior. However, I was watching the news one evening and they were discussing the fact that Christmas decorations were already being displayed in stores. The hopes of the stores is that the earlier you see these items, the earlier you will buy them. It all comes down to spending money. Sad! But, let me stop and say until recently I was right with the masses of consumption! I know I have mentioned before that I struggle with trying not to become materialistic. I have had my eyes opened to how greedy, self centered and world focused I have been and it's not pretty! I found myself following the world's idea that if I didn't own or have the newest or best that somehow I was less than those around me. Somehow I lost focus that it's not important how the world sees me, but how God sees me. I was NOT a good steward with my resources! But, with the Lord's help, that is changing! All of that said to say this....some of the best presents are not those bought in a store. Get in tuned with your creative side! I am sure that the person who receives it will appreciate the time and effort you took to make or bake their gifts. I hear my mind saying to me....not all people some of them will look down their noses, and if they do? If expensive presents or the amount of money is the most important thing to them....should we even have them in our lives? Just saying!

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