Friday, January 15, 2010

What was I thinking?!?!

Let me start this post as...if there was any doubt that I loved my family and would do anything for them...this should end all speculation. My family has wanted a dog for quite a while now...I kept saying "no". Well, I finally said "yes". And instead of one...we got two! TWO!! Now I must admit while I was in a full blown panic attack walking out of the shelter...everyone kept reassuring me that two are easier than one.
Night one: three potty accidents! Two on the hard wood floors and one on the carpet! Ugh! But, when they went in the crate together for the night, not a whine or whimper! Yes!
Morning one: She (Ella) peed on him (Nikko)! After walking both of them outside at 5:30 a.m. Both got baths!! Then two potty accidents both on hard wood floors!
Day one: The leash is still tricky, but they are starting to get the hang of it. They were walked 3 times already and it's barely noon. One potty accident on the hard wood floor. Honestly, Ella is the potty bandit! Nikko has done really well. Now they are both asleep in their crate!
Now, I must admit...two are easier than one. They play together and keep each other out of trouble...except when Ella pulled the phone cord off the table! Nikko made sure I was aware it was all her! Lol!
I just keep reminding myself of Trent and Autumn's faces as I clean up each potty accident. Now, I need to keep all my OCD impulses down to a manageable level. How many times do you think a "normal" person would mop the floor?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


In my prayer time this morning I found myself crying out to the Lord for unity in my church body. I must admit that I have neglected praying for my church as a whole. I pray for the leaders...but that is it. I never seem to take the time or effort to pray for the church.
I found myself overwhelmed with grief that we have allowed strife and division to creep into our body. Now, I do want to state that I am involved with a great church! But, what I see is people pushing their own agenda, or trying to be the pastor's "number one" go to person while trashing other ministries and their leaders. I understand we are all human, we all have faults...after all that is exactly why Christ Jesus came to this earth is to save us from our sins. So, my prayers have become focused and specific. No, I'm not praying these people out of our church! I'm praying that my Lord God will change their heart, He will convict them and that they turn from what they are doing and as a last resort remove them if they ignore His instructions. Then I focused on myself....let ME not be part of that problem! Let ME not fall into the gossip mill or judge others. I don't want to trash others to cover my own insecurities. I don't want to belittle other leaders or their ministries because I would do things differently. I must trust that My Lord God is directing my leaders footsteps and I must continue to pray that my leaders will follow my Lord's instructions in all matters. My deepest desire for my church is unity. I have a vision for my church that is earth shattering! A rock your world vision!
My vision is to make a impact on our community. I want to reach out to the homeless by giving out blankets and food, help the elderly with home repairs and yard work, visit nursing homes and hospitals just to encourage, visit prisons to share the gospel and hope, to reach out and help those in financial need by giving them groceries, paying electric bills or giving them gas cards, go to the schools and give out school supplies, jackets and give them a place to go to hang out. Volunteering at animal rescues, homeless shelters or at a home for children. I want my church to be known as the most loving and caring church in Western North Carolina and beyond! I want our church to stop being it's own worst enemy and become one! Think of all the possibilities!
I resolve to pray for my church, the leadership and the whole body that we can become one...united in one accord with "Exalting Christ and Sharing His love!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wow! It's been a long time!

I must confess that I have dropped the ball on my blog. I have went to facebook where I kept it short and simple. Now the blog is calling me back. I look forward to posting more often. So, this new year...I want to start fresh with my blog. Even if no one ever reads this...I do. I have seen the changes, I have went back and read and been amazed that I felt certain ways. I laugh, I cry and I celebrate that I came through things that I couldn't see myself ever conquering.
I can't wait to see where this year takes me and I am trusting my Heavenly Father with every step I take. May He be glorified in all that I do!