Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Goodies!


Another simple recipe!
Butterscotch chips, Chow Mein noodles and salted peanuts
Melt one package of chips until creamy and shiny add one can of chow mein noodles and a jar of salted peanuts. Mix until they are coated completely. Place on wax paper in mounds (You will have to use you fingers to shape them a little). Let them harden and enjoy!

These are fun for kids!

Take large marshmallows and melt some chocolate...coat one side of marshmallow with the chocolate and while the chocolate is still wet place it in a bowl of sprinkles or nuts...the options are endless. Autumn loved making these!

Making Goodies!

Chocolate Covered Cherries!

These are really easy and kids love them!
You need a jar of Maraschino cherries and some chocolate!
You need to drain your cherries well! Any moisture will make the chocolate not coat the you probably see in my picture. I drain the cherries and place them on a paper towel. Then place them on a plate and stick them in the freezer for just a little while. Melt the chocolate and take the semi-frozen cherries place a dab of chocolate on the wax paper and place cherry on top, then take a spoon of chocolate and pour on top of cherry. Cool and let them harden...that's it!Your done! To make them look pretty (which mine really don't...)you can trim excess chocolate from cherry and drizzle with white chocolate or while the chocolate is still wet put holiday sprinkles on them. I fixed 2 jars of cherries and between the kids and hubby...well, I might have one left!

Monday, December 15, 2008

A trip to Hollywild!

This weekend we went to Hollywild in South Carolina. It is a zoo type place that takes in animals that have starred in television shows or commercials and since retired. But, that's not the reason we went. They decorate the whole park and you drive through at night to see the lights and decorations. This isn't a good shot of the lights...but you get an idea.

At one point you get a bag of deer feed and drive into a field and the deer run up to your car and eat out of your hand!! Really cool! We opened up the van doors and the kids who were in the back with Grandma and Grandpa had a blast feeding them!

Then you drive to Santa's village where you can buy baby bottles and feed the goats. You also can purchase crackers to feed cows, long horned steers, buffalo, horses, ponies and camels!

The buffalo and I had an encounter, I'm just glad I had on gloves when he took the cracker from me with that long tongue! The camel and I had a special bond! He slimed me with his saliva! Ugh! It was almost a kiss...almost! Jeff caught the picture above BEFORE the sliming took place. Needless to say...I was kinda grossed out and stayed away from all other animals except the goats and ponies!
They had a huge bonfire where you could roast marshmallows and hotdogs. It was a cute trip to take with the family. Autumn and Trent are still talking about feeding the animals. I enjoyed the time with my Mom and Dad. This time last year, Daddy was still sick with the chemo and radiation...this year we are savoring every moment! I am so thankful that he is still cancer free and we are able to enjoy family outings and make lots more memories!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Don't forget the consignment shops!

Recently, I took a car load of clothes to a consignment shop to sale. The yard sale days has passed and we still had tons left. A consignment shop is a little more tricky when selling. The clothes need to be clean, pressed and hung on hangers. So, this does take a little more time (especially if the clothes have been packed in boxes for a while). But, the reward is you are clearing out your closet; as well as; making some money.
Also, don't forget to do your shopping at the consignment shop. You can find name brand clothing for a fraction of the price. Consignment shops are just like traditional stores and run "end of season" sales where you can really come out with some bargains!
This particular consignment shop where I take my clothing has household items too. So, you aren't limited to just taking or buying clothing. I have found brand new items with tags still attached and items still in sealed boxes! So, this holiday season...look in the unexpected places! Consignment shops, Goodwill, Pawn shops and thrift stores may offer some relief to your pocketbook while allowing you to purchase great gifts!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Christmas tree is FINALLY up!!

We finally got our Christmas tree up! Yes, it did have some accidents that resulted in the death of several Christmas ornaments. They paid the ultimate price in letting a 4 year old place them (or try) on the tree. The first time I heard the glass shatter on the hard wood floor....I cringed...I then did the "Let's all be careful" lecture. As soon as the lecture was complete an ornament slipped from my fingers crashing on to the floor...Jeff smiled and raised his eyebrows...Trent did his "Way to go Mom!" in the typical teenage voice that does no wrong and Autumn....Autumn repeated the "Let's all be careful" lecture. But, even with the deaths of some beloved ornaments the tree is up and ready to be enjoyed.

Saturday we all bundled up and went to the Christmas parade. Trent was a great big brother and sat down on the sidewalk with his sister pointing out things in the parade and chasing after candy...finally Autumn got brave and would grab up some candy thrown to her. By the time the parade was over, we were all frozen! But, this was the big "Group date" night, so we headed out to the theatre. The kids saw "Twilight". It got mixed reviews...those that read the book, thought the movie was awful, those that didn't...really liked it. I wasn't too thrilled with a choice of the vampire movie, but I did allow it. It is really sad that there are so few movies for kids to see these days!

We had a busy weekend...but, I did get to squeeze in a Christmas movie on television. Christmas movies have really changed since I was a kid. I remember the focus being on Christ and love. I love the "It's a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart and "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!". I haven't seen them this year though. But, it seems that the movies now leave Christ out....the love part is there, but somehow diluted. A sign of the times I'm afraid! I am searching for ways to bring the true focus of Christmas into my home for us and the kids in new and different ways. A challenge for me to say the least!

I am gearing up for my goody baking for gifts. I am making the list...checking it twice! Yes, a pitiful attempt of with me people! I will post some recipes later this week hopefully. Now, it's back to cleaning house before picking up the kids at school. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening! God Bless!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Catch up!

I have been MIA for a couple of weeks....there is nothing wrong, I have just been busy and when I haven't been busy....I have been too lazy to blog! Lol!
Our family has had a whirlwind of activity for the last couple of weeks. We got to go to Bristol Speedway to see the wonderful display of Christmas lights. Afterwards, we went to the Christmas city in the in field and smelled some homemade candles and looked at crafts. We warmed ourselves around the fire and ate popcorn. The kids had a blast and we all enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa!
Later that week, we traveled down to South Carolina to spend a day with Jeff's brother and family. We had a wonderful meal and a great time chatting.
This Thanksgiving, Jeff had a week off for vacation. So, after taking Trent to school, we would go window shopping trying to get ideas and prices for Christmas.
We still have not put up our Christmas tree...I hope to do that tonight. Trent has a "group date" this Saturday to see a movie. Now, for those who are unsure what this I was! This is where a group of friends, some are girls and some are boys, go and do something together. The catch is they are grouped as couples. Hmmmm, we used to call this a "double date". Lol! This is Trent's first "group date". We are taking him and picking him up to and from the theatres. I have met his girlfriend and her Mother and we have chatted for a while now. However, I have not met the other couples going. But, we will be supplying the transportation to and from and they are not allowed to see any questionable movies. So, I do feel comfortable about the situation. It is hard to believe that the "group dates" have begun! Yes, I know, he is 16 years old...but he is still my baby!

I hope to once again start blogging regularly. I am back on a schedule...well, for now until Christmas that is...once Christmas is here...all bets are off!