Monday, March 30, 2009

Stuck in my head!!

This song's chorus is so stuck in my head today!! I went looking for the song on Godtube and I think I have listened to it 20 times! I love how the Spirit will put a certain song in your heart!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I would say thank goodness it's Friday, but I have to work from open to closing tomorrow at the Bridal Shop. Ugh! Not looking forward to it. I have asked off for every Sunday, but that was denied. I do get this Sunday off though, I guess to pacify me. I asked to have my hours reduced so that I could spend time with my family...that was also denied stating the reason that they are short handed right now. So, I am praying on what to do. We still need the money...we still have debt that needs to be paid off. The sacrifice is my family time. I'm not sure what to do. Dave Ramsey says that it's only a "season" kind of thing. I'm just so concerned that I will miss my kids growing up years because of work, not to mention Jeff and I not having any quality time together. Let me just explain a little my hours....Jeff works during the day, he gets off at 4 p.m. (right now winter hours, may change to 5 soon!). Jeff doesn't get home until 4:20 or so...I have to be at work by 5. He comes in, I tell him about dinner or what Trent and Autumn has to do that evening and then I leave. We have maybe a 5 minute conversation. I don't get home until 10 p.m or later (depends on when we get to start closing). Autumn and Trent are in bed and Jeff is fighting to stay awake. I eat dinner (real healthy to eat before going to bed! Huh?!) and we chat for maybe 15 minutes and then head to bed because Jeff and I get up early for work and school. Then I work every weekend...Saturday I have to be there by 9:15 a.m. and I don't get home until 8 p.m. Then on Sunday I am there anywhere from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m. until 7:30. I may have one night off during the week. My family is getting frustrated with me being gone so much in the evening and weekends...I'm getting frustrated. I know that retail jobs involve week nights and weekends...I just wasn't aware that I would have to work them all the time.It is going on 4 months since I have had a weekend off! Am I just being whiny? How long should I do this? Until my credit cards are paid off? That would be a year or more. I don't know what to do! Jeff is saying quit...God will provide. What if He provided this and I just throw the opportunity away? I'm so confused! Family is really really important to me! Not to mention, not being able to attend church!! I always promised myself that I would never neglect attending church and getting the spiritual nourishment that I so desperately need and here I am doing it! I always said family before work and here I am putting work before family! I beg you out there!!! Don't ever get into the bondage of debt!! This is just a little of the strife it brings into your life!! Nothing is worth neglecting your family and faith! No new car, no new clothes, or the latest and greatest little gadget you just have to have is worth the bondage it brings with it!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Love this song!!!

Even though I have to work ALL stinkin weekend....this song gets me pumped!! God is so Good!! We need to share the love we have been given to everyone with JOY!!!! I pledge to share His love while I'm working!! I pledge to do it with JOY!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Catching up on cleaning up!

I decided I would do a quick post before I get back to my cleaning. I have worked a lot at the Bridal shop lately...and the house is a mess! In a earlier post I mentioned that I only have one day off now. Working every night and every weekend from opening to closing is getting old fast. Not only do I not have any family time anymore, I am tired! And when I am tired...I am very whiny! Lol!
I have asked to have my hours reduced and to have every Sunday off. I pray this will happen! Cause y'all I don't know how much more I can do this!! I will limit my whining...just because I'm nice that way! But, you get the point.
I would take a picture of my house and let you know what I'm up against...but, a picture would send you running away in horror! Lol! So, I'm off to clean and then I need to get myself together for another night at the Bridal Shop! God Bless!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does your brain ever feel like this?

I think Autumn hit it right on the head with how my brain feels with her magnetic letters and numbers! Lol! My work schedule at the Bridal shop has increased again! Another person has quit and I am helping fill in. I have had 2 nights off this week, and well, that's it. I miss my family time. I love spending time with my family and this is really bothering me working so much. I have worked every weekend for 2 months now...Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Now the weekday night hours are picking up and I am struggling to find balance. Ugh! I'm hanging in there for now. The Bridal Shop is in the process of accepting applications and doing interviews now to replace lost team members. Hopefully, I will have my family time back soon!! I know it's a blessing to have a job in this economy! I have to keep telling myself this is only a season of time. The increased hours will help with our money situation and paying off that blasted debt!! I know I'm just being whiney about this and I need to suck it up. Thanks for allowing me to vent and whine!

Making Amends...

A while back a dear friend of mine posted on her blog about making amends with people. Well, she really made me stop and think about my life. God had been dealing with me to ask for forgiveness from someone for quite awhile now, and finally after reading her brave post... I surrendered. I typed out my email and prayed over it...and prayed again and yet again for God to let me use the right words to express my regret of how I handled the situation. Yes, I was hurt, but did I really need to say that or act that way...the answer was a firm and definite "NO!". I could have handled things so much better. So, with a prayer being said...I pressed "Send". The response I got back was not really what I was hoping for. It wasn't mean. It was forgiving. I guess I was wanting this person to express a desire to discuss things and straighten things out...I was hoping a sincere reconcilation could occur. But, alias, I got a basic "you are forgiven" and that was it. I felt hurt flood in. I hadn't gotten what I had hoped for. I am praying that God may continue to work in this relationship. I would love for us to be able to sit down and discuss things...why decisions were made, why things were said and get down to the "whole" story and not just the side I was presented with. This should have happened when it first happened...I didn't allow it to. I jumped to conclusions about things after just hearing one side of the story. I reacted with hurt and anger. Ugh! Another screw up on my part! I look back on the past and think "What if..." so much. I get so frustrated with myself and what I have allowed.
At least I was brave enough to reach out and ask for forgiveness and express my deepest and sincerest apology over the situation. I won't have that regret hanging over my head (thanks to my brave friend and her blog!). I just pray that God will continue to heal both parties and that somehow...we can overcome the past.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have my Internet back!!!!

Woooo Hoooo! I had lost my Internet connection off and on for the weekend into the week.....talking about withdrawals!!! Chocolate didn't even help! Lol! But, I hope I can say that I now have my Internet back! The Cable repairman came out (finally) and replaced some line where they think a squirrel might have chewed it...hmmmm, I wonder how it tasted?! So, now I am catching up on email, blogging and Ugh! paying bills online. Now, if you will excuse me...I have a lot of time to make up for!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh My Goodness!!!!

My family and I watched "Fireproof"! It is AWESOME!!! I hope EVERYONE has the opportunity to see this movie! My 4 year old liked it, my teenage son liked it and Jeff and I LOVED it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thrift Store Finds!!

I hit some thrift stores today looking for some bargains....I found the above! I got 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of carpi's, and 1 dress for Autumn AND a pair of shoes and a shirt for me!! I got all the above and a basket for $11!
I want to hit some more thrift and Goodwill stores soon. They are having HUGE markdowns on their clothes...getting old stuff out and making room! I got most of the above for 75% off the original price. The highest I paid for anything was for the name brand shoes and that was $3.50!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Snow Day!

Autumn, Trent and Jeff enjoyed some sledding!

While I was with Autumn sledding...I dropped my camera in the snow! I couldn't find it! Panic was sitting in! Then Jeff just walks right up to and it and asks if I was looking for it. Ugh! It still works as you can see! It's a tough little has survived a lot!

Cooking in the Great Depression!

I was on Hillbilly Housewife and she was talking about Clara. So, I went to YouTube to check her out. She is sooooooo sweet. I love hearing her stories and she shared lots of recipes from the Great Depression Era. We can learn so much from our elderly people, if we would just take the time to listen! I wished my Grandmother was still living. I never took the time or made the effort while she was living to learn....I missed out on so much! I think in this generation we are so spoiled and have a somewhat distorted view on what we need to survive. Clara puts a lot of things in perspective for me.

Earlier in my blogs I shared where I wanted to start stockpiling some food. I honestly believe that the Lord is leading me in this direction. I believe the Lord ALWAYS wants His people to be prepared. You never know when you may lose a job, economic collapse (yes, I listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh!), or a terrorist attack may happen. My Grandmother always had a stockpile of food....ALWAYS! I have been prayerfully seeking how to begin my stockpile. These videos put in perspective that I don't need to have a lot of elaborate things in my stockpile to feed my family. You will keep hearing Clara say that "Times were terrible, but we always had good food." During the times she made the videos she was 91 and 93 years of age....she must know what she is talking about! Check out her videos on YouTube! She is awesome!