Monday, January 12, 2009


It's Monday! I have been cleaning the house almost all day today, trying to get caught up from the weekend. I woke up with a bit of a stomach, I haven't been feeling too well. But we Moms have to keep on keeping on even when we don't feel our best! Lol!
The Bridal Show went well. It was a long, long day. We were unable to take lunch or breaks because we were so busy. 9 in the morning until 4 o'clock is a long time not to eat or go to the potty!:-) But, I made it through. The break down of the booth went smoothly and we loaded up my van and took everything back to the store. Once at the store, I quickly punched out and left....this ol' girl's feet hurt and I was HUNGRY!! I ate my packed lunch on the way home! Lol! When I got home at 4:30 I changed and started making home made pizza for dinner. Afterwards, I crashed!
I didn't have to work Sunday, which was a good thing! I had a huge headache! We didn't even go to church! I am not sure if the headache was part of the stomach bug I have or not.
The goals that I have for this week include getting some summer clothes ready for the consignment shop. I also want to take down my dining room curtains and wash them and clean the windows....maybe even the bedroom curtains and windows! I am wanting to sew a tote for groceries too. When I go to Aldis I always take a laundry basket to place the food in (I don't buy the bags!), but I thought if I could make a couple of totes it would help too. I have some fabric that I bought a couple of years ago I can use! I have never made a tote this could get interesting! Lol!

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