Monday, January 5, 2009

Menu Plan for upcoming 2 weeks.....

Shepherds Pie
Pizza (Homemade)
Breakfast Casserole
Mexican Casserole
Pinto Beans
Potato Soup with grilled cheese bread
Salmon Patties
Beefy Baked Beans
Husband's Delight (new recipe)
Tuna Franks (new recipe)
Baked mac-n-cheese with broccoli
Pasta salad

I will buy ground turkey instead of ground beef, at Aldi the one pound ground turkey chubs are $1.19.
I will only use half of my turkey sausage for the breakfast casserole and the other half will go on pizza. Most of my dishes are casseroles, I can get by using a little bit of meat instead of making meat the focus of each meal. Tuna and Salmon are also cheap meats! I will post the new recipes if they turn out well. Now I have to figure out snacks, lunches and breakfast! If anyone has good non-meat recipes, please let me know...I am going to try to increase my non-meat meals....but the veggies cannot be expensive either or I won't be saving any money. Well, I guess I will get back at it...wish me luck!

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