Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm tired ALREADY!!!

Monday! Ugh! I am sipping on my coffee and trying to wrap my mind around things that need to be done!
My schedule has been thrown slightly. I have gotten a evening and weekend job at a Bridal shop to help pay our bills and hopefully pay down this credit card debt. My schedule is different each week, but so far I have only worked 6 hours each week resulting in a paycheck of $36!!! I am praying that my hours pick up where I can at least bring home an amount worth my while!! This job is only guaranteed until the end of March and then they will determine whether to keep depends on the economy. But, while I have it...I hope to make the most of it! It is an awesome job...hard on your body but awesome. I love seeing all the beautiful dresses and helping brides pick out dresses, veils, and accessories....then there are all the prom gowns and bridesmaid dresses....a girl can just get giddy looking at all the pearls, sequins and crystals! It's a rush! It's a great job too, because I can't buy anything! I am not in need of a bridal gown, veil, tiara or prom gowns, so for a recoving material girl..that is a blessing! It is rather hard on my body...lots of walking, standing and the dresses weigh a ton (okay they weigh up to 5 pounds a piece) but after carrying a couple hundred of them your arms get tired (okay, maybe not a hundred but at least 50! Lol!). My hours are usually one week day and then a couple of hours on the weekend. I worked yesterday for 5 hours. I may work Tuesday, I am "on call" and again "on call" for Friday and Saturday I work a bridal show! Fun!! But, I am hoping for my hours to increase...but not cross the line into me not getting to see my family in the evenings and weekends!
Now, back to the tasks at hand....I need to come up with a menu plan and grocery list today. I am trying to cut my grocery bill yet again! I need to clean my bathrooms and mop, catch up on laundry and dust and vacuum the bedrooms and living room. Ugh! I need another cup of coffee!

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