Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Adventure....

Whew! Okay....Breakfast Casserole in refrigerator ready to cook for dinner, Chocolate No-Bake Cookies made and setting up and last but not least I have Grape Jello in the refrigerator. I have all my laundry caught up and my house isn't the cleanest, but quite frankly I have ran out of steam!
This week has been a wild one! I blew a tire coming home from work Monday night. But, God was really watching out over me and it happened close to home and not on the interstate! It happened where there was no where to really pull off the side of the road, so I drove to a nearby parking lot about 100 feet away. So, not only did I blow a tire...I bent the snot out of my rim! Jeff believes it was either driving it the short distance to the parking lot, or when the tire blew, it jerked off the road and I jerked it back on. But, it doesn't change the outcome, the rim was bent! So, Tuesday Jeff spent the day trying to find a used rim, he called every local dealership, garage and junk luck. We had to order one off the internet. So, Tuesday I drove my Dad's Jeep! The Jeep hasn't been driven in about 6 months and is an old Jeep he fixed up. What an adventure! I couldn't keep the blasted thing running. Every time you stopped it would die...I called my Dad and he said that I had to let it "warm up". I know that people thought this crazy blonde has not a clue on how to drive...I had to keep one foot on the gas and the other on the brake when stopped. It looked like I was trying to drive a straight drive...and I wasn't doing well at it! Lol! Jeff took the Jeep Wednesday and today until my rim arrives and I am driving his car. Yes, I have the spare on my van...but I am uncomfortable driving it with that tiny tire! Ugh!
This situation was a huge inconvenience and a costly one too. But, I saw God working throughout it. God kept me safe! I wasn't on the interstate faraway from home, I was minutes away! I was going a slow speed...something that I wouldn't have been doing on the interstate! I was able to regain control of the van when the tire blew and not hurt or damage it (other than the rim)! My Daddy had his Jeep for us to use...which is running fine now that it's been driven a while! What an adventure! Not one that I want to repeat! Lol! But, God was there! Watching over me! Keeping me safe! God is Good!

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