Monday, August 18, 2008

Wild week last week!

Gosh! Last week was crazy! Trent getting ready to go back to school and Autumn having a friend over threw my schedule out of whack. But, this week should be calmer. I am going to organize my coupons, make a menu plan and a shopping list today.

On a entirely different subject, I cleaned out my jewelry box last week. I found lots of earrings that did not have a match, some broken rings that I forgot I even had and some broken necklaces. I called my local jeweler and asked if he knew who I could possibly sell these things to for the gold and he quickly responded that he would take them. I stopped by and he weighed and tested each piece and gave me $58! Easy money for things that I could not wear anymore! So, check those jewelry boxes!!

Autumn and her playmate playing with play doh!

Isn't my little rugrat cute?!

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