Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Menu Plan for the next two weeks!

I guess I will start off admitting that I was no where near as organized as I should have been this go around, but I managed to do okay. My total was $156. I had some extras in there that I hadn't expected. I bought Trent a new lunch bag and a jar thermos for lunches at school. I really didn't find any really good sales in the meat departments. I was rather disappointed. But, on the bright side...I WILL do better. My goal is to cut this amount of money down to $100 every 2 weeks for our family of 4. I really think I can do it!

My menu plan consists of the following:

Freezer dinners (pre-make and freeze)
Tater Tot casserole
Cheesy Chicken Bake
Chicken casserole
Meatballs (2 batches)

Dinners to be made the same night
Breakfast dinner (eggs, biscuits, turkey bacon and gravy)
Salmon Turnovers (new recipe from Happy Housewife Blog)
Mexican Casserole
Homemade Pizza
Baked Spaghetti
Pigs in a Blanket (Hot Dog wrapped in crescent rolls)
Chicken Pot Pie

Breakfasts will be Muffins, poptarts, yogurt and homemade oatmeal bars

Lunches will be wraps and salads.

Snacks are Chocolate No Bake Cookies, brownies, pudding, jello and fruit.

Gosh! Fruit and veggies are getting expensive! I really hope I can find a local produce stand that has better prices than what I'm finding at the grocery stores. My poor pitiful garden didn't do well. I guess between the heat and rabbits it has seen better days. I am getting a couple of cucumbers and tomatoes. But, my squash is a total wash! Fingers crossed that my okra will produce well.

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