Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh! The Simple Things!

My daughter has SO many toys! But, she finds the most enjoyment out of just playing with the simple things. A bucket, an empty bottle and a small shovel thrown in with dirt and some rocks and she can play for hours on end! I often find myself wondering why I feel like I am neglecting her and my son when they don't have the "latest" in gadgets and gizmos!
I have been examining my life and the things that I allow to come in it. I have been so materialistic about so many things! It breaks my heart to see where I am in this. How many toys are too many? How many clothes do we really need? When does it ever stop?! We always want more, bigger and better instead of being content and thankful for what we have!
My sweet little Autumn is so happy and content with her dirt and rocks. Even my teenager; Trent; is just happy being outside riding his bike. Why do I try to complicate things? I have let the world poison my mind into thinking that I cannot be happy without the "latest" in all things. Or if I don't have a pair of shoes and purse to match every outfit!
I think those that do mission work in other countries truly have the grasp of how blessed we really are. I pray that I start seeing things differently, stop wanting "just because someone else has it". I want to stop feeling inadequate because I don't "have" certain things. I don't need 50 pairs of shoes! I don't need the newest car! I don't have to dress in designer clothes! My kids do not have to have every toy!
I thank God for what I have! He has blessed me so much! Instead of being ungrateful...I need to stop and enjoy! Stop and notice and appreciate the simple things. Now if you will excuse me.....I have some dirt to play in!

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