Thursday, September 16, 2010

Financial Peace

For years I have been listening to Dave Ramsey. But, now I am actually enrolled in his Financial Peace University. Not only are Jeff and I going thru this class, but they have allowed Trent to sit in it as well. This is HUGE! I don't want Trent making the mistakes we made! I feel like this will give him a good foundation to go with the example Jeff and I are trying to set.
We have been serious about getting out of debt for approximately 2 years now...but, taking this class we feel more empowered and more equipped to do so. I'm excited...well, as excited as you can be about pinching pennies and trying to get out of debt.
Now on to the pinching penny part.
1. I have switched banks for my checking account. This bank offers 3% interest for my checking account. Huge difference from old bank of .054%!
2. Made a "Quickie Budget". This is the first budget that Dave wants a family to make. Next will be a more detailed budget...but for now the quickie one is what we are going on until we get more data on our actual expenses.
3. Back on a menu plan. Over the summer I kinda got out of this. I wasn't as organized and I really didn't take the time that I needed to do the best in this area.
4. Reading Dave's book Financial Peace.

Small steps, but steps all the same. This is the easy part for me...the hard part is people and relationships!
People don't understand the word budget or choose not to understand. We have been made fun of, belittled and talked about behind our backs...yep, I can assure you people are more than willing to tell you what your "friends" or acquiantances say about you behind your back. I truly do not understand why this is a source of ridicule. I do not find it shameful to want to be a good steward of what the Lord has blessed us with nor do I find it disgusting or awful to be debt-free. If it's between going out to eat or putting money in our emergency fund...guess what?! Emergency fund ranks higher in importance! It's not that we are being "unsocialable" or I think the best remarks I have heard made were, "We think we are better than them and don't want to hang out." or "They thought we wanted to be friends...we lied."
Can you believe those comments?! I just have to shake my head.
I just got out of a toxic and dangerous relationship a couple of years ago...I have no intention of being pressured or manipulated into doing something or spending money that I do not have. I will not allow anyone to have that control over me any more. Now, I must admit that I have slipped up a couple of times and given in to peer pressure. But, with God's help, wisdom and discernment I will not go back into a people pleasing mentality!!! That's how I got myself into this mess!! Really when you think about it...why would you want to be "friends" or hang out with someone who does not value or respect you. If they did, they would be supportive...not ridicule you. So, all that said to say this....penny pinching is not fun, doing without is not easy, saving money is hard, making a budget and sticking to it is a lot of work, ridicule and belittling from others is not easy to take, BUT being debt free and having that security is soooooo worth it.

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