Sunday, September 19, 2010

Overwhelmed by His Love!

This post is just a reminder of how awesome our God is! Today during our worship service to be able just to close my eyes, lift my hand and sing to my Heavenly Father was completely and totally humbling! My Lord and Savior who sits on His throne allows me to openly and confidently come and worship Him! The feeling is totally indescribable. Once I enter into His throne room nothing else matters. All the stress, the worries, the failures, and insecurities all melt away. He loves me so completely! He is faithful and loyal! He knows me...knows my faults, knows my heart and still chooses to love me! He is in control! He is working in my life! Even when I can't see it, even when I don't feel it...He is there.
I think sometimes that people forget...I forget, just how wonderful it is to be able to come before our Heavenly Father...Our Holy, Righteous and Sovereign Father. To think about who I am, how sinful, how filthy I am and He stills allows me...ME to come before Him! To know that Jesus went through the most horrible and painful death imaginable for I could be forgiven, so I could come to my Father and I could speak to Him, so He would hear my overwhelming. How could one not worship Him in awe!! His love is incomprehensible!

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