Friday, September 17, 2010

Menu Plan

I'm starting back to my menu planning. It truly does help to have this list on the refrigerator for all those busy nights. And it also helps you to stick to the grocery list and budget.

Mexican casserole
Smoked Sausage with potatoes
Breakfast casserole
Homemade Pizza
Baked chicken
Pinto Beans
Shepherds Pie
Garlic and Herb Tuna Cakes
Potato Soup with grilled cheese sandwiches
Shrimp Scampi
Baked ziti

Those are just the main dishes. I have frozen veggies to serve also.

So, now that I am back on board with the menu planning, I also want to get back to freezer meals. I am getting my next shopping list together to include some freezer meals. Cooler weather means soups and stews can be added! :-)

Now I just need to figure out the coupon game and I will feel really frugal!! Lol!


The Fabulous Flints said...

Girl I wanna talk!!! I am so proud of you. Have a few things to run by ya. Love ya :-)

Wendy said...

I can't wait! Love ya!!