Monday, September 20, 2010

One of those mornings....

5:45 am Woke up and let the dogs out
5:47 am Made coffee!!
5:50 am Packed lunches and snacks
6:00 am Folded a load of clothes and started washing another
6:10 am Put away towels and emptied dishwasher
6:20 am Dogs are fed, coffee poured and Fox news on
6:30 am Wake kids up and start getting clothes ironed
6:35 am Wake kids up again
6:40 am Listen to the whining of kids having to get up!
6:45 am Fuss at kids for not getting ready
6:50 am Trent still trying to figure out what to wear for wacky tacky day
6:52 am Autumn still wanting to play with the dogs instead of getting ready
6:55 am Kids still not ready...the yelling starts!
7:00 am Autumn and Trent finally dressed...but breakfast not ate
7:05 am A fight with Autumn about what she is allowed to eat for breakfast
7:07 am Trent watching the news instead of brushing teeth and finishing up
7:10 am Autumn finally decides what she wants for breakfast
7:12 am Trent makes a change in wacky tacky outfit again!!
7:15 am Autumn finally brushing teeth and I am fixing her hair at the same time!
7:17 am Trent didn't have back pack ready or his cross country bag!!
7:18 am I start sweeping the kitchen just so I won't blow my top waiting!
7:19 am Lights off, tv off, dogs in crate, coffee in hand, ready to go
7:21 am Finally out the door!!
7:24 am Fights start in the car between the kids...not even sure what started it!
7:26 am Kids yelled at and Prayer started
7:35 am Prayer ends
7:37 am Trent dropped off at school
7:38 am Autumn talks all the way to school about being able to snap now.
7:41 am Autumn dropped off at school
7:42 am Get a much needed text from a dear friend wishing my a blessed day!!
7:45 am Prayed while driving home
8:00 am Home Finally!! Another cup of coffee and devotional!!

Whew! And what's ironic is my hubby just doesn't understand why I get so frustrated in the mornings! Ugh!!

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