Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does your brain ever feel like this?

I think Autumn hit it right on the head with how my brain feels with her magnetic letters and numbers! Lol! My work schedule at the Bridal shop has increased again! Another person has quit and I am helping fill in. I have had 2 nights off this week, and well, that's it. I miss my family time. I love spending time with my family and this is really bothering me working so much. I have worked every weekend for 2 months now...Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Now the weekday night hours are picking up and I am struggling to find balance. Ugh! I'm hanging in there for now. The Bridal Shop is in the process of accepting applications and doing interviews now to replace lost team members. Hopefully, I will have my family time back soon!! I know it's a blessing to have a job in this economy! I have to keep telling myself this is only a season of time. The increased hours will help with our money situation and paying off that blasted debt!! I know I'm just being whiney about this and I need to suck it up. Thanks for allowing me to vent and whine!

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Sarah said...

which bridal shop do you work at? i might be interested if your still hiring!