Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I just got back from VOTING!!!!

First, let me say...this is my opinion! I really don't want to debate, I have made my decision and I stand FIRM!
I just got back from voting. No line! I was the 144Th person to vote in my district. Yes, we live in a very rural area. I took Autumn to vote with me...she got to cast a kids vote. She was excited! She hollered "Sara Palin!" It was cute!
Yes, I am a strong McCain/Palin supporter. I am not apologetic about it. I am Pro-Life! It does matter which candidate supports abortion and which doesn't. I do think it matters also what friends a person has and what spiritual leader they sit under. You can tell a lot about one's character by the friends they keep. With that said, I think it is important to vote! Stand up for what you believe in! Let your voice be heard! I thought about not sharing this in my blog...but you know what? My blog...my beliefs. I'm tired of keeping quiet worried that I may offend someone because of my beliefs. They certainly don't care if they offend me by taking God out of the schools, or prayer out of the football games and other school social events or saying His name in vain on television or in music. Nor do they care that they push their agenda into the school system where my children attend. Why are they allowed to express their beliefs loudly and openly, but Christians are sowing hate and are judgemental when they express theirs? We have allowed ourselves to be pushed aside. We have been told repeatedly that we need to "not offend". I go back to scripture...Jesus was very open with what He believed! He did NOT compromise His beliefs because they offended others. I think it's time we stand up and be heard! We don't have to be ugly, we don't have to stoop to a low level. What is wrong with stating your beliefs and convictions openly? Don't be ashamed! Stand up for your rights! Stand up and be heard! VOTE!!

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