Friday, November 14, 2008

The end of the week already!

Gosh! It's Friday already! Where did this week go?!
This week was my grocery shopping week. I went over budget by $20!! I found meat on clearance and was able to stock up on some with money from my gas budget due to gas prices being lower.I was going to move the extra money to the credit card payments, but I decided to stock the freezer with the clearance meat. Hard choices to make this day and time! Ugh!
I boiled all the chicken up, separated from the bone and placed a cup of meat in each freezer bag. That way it will be ready to throw into a casserole or fried rice. Then I found some bananas on sale...did anyone know about the growers were having a hard time with the bananas this year due to weather conditions?! I didn't! Anyhow, I sliced and froze 2 bananas per freezer bag. These can be thawed and used for smoothies, breads or muffins later. I have a picture of the last batch that I did just to give those who aren't familiar with freezing foods an idea. The chicken is cooled and then placed flat in the freezer, this gives you more room.

The bananas are sliced, laid flat and then frozen. Some people place the bananas on a cookie sheet for flash freezing then place in bags. I just slice and lay flat and freeze.

I am also going to make some cookie dough and freeze. These will be used during the holiday season. I will just have to thaw and bake!

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The Happy Housewife said...

If you stock up your freezer and pantry you will use less gas to go shopping in the winter. I think it was a good idea to use the extra money to stock up!