Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am saddened by the results of the election. I am saddened to see that my country does not value a precious life of a child. I am saddened that conservative radio my be a thing of the past due to the elected administration. I am frustrated that my country disregards the fact that a man is associated with people that has condoned 9/11, people who stand on the American flag and denounce this great country that has given them the freedom to do so. I am saddened that my country feels that they are "owed" another person's wealth. I am frightened that this elected administration has commented that they would not coddle Israel the way America has done in the past. I am concerned that the elected administration would meet with terrorist countries with no preconditions. I am confused that my country picked a man that they really have no clue what he stands for or against because his views and opinions changes when talking with different people. I am frustrated that my country is more concerned with making history than voting on issues. I am frightened when the elected administration has stated that the constitution is open for interpretation and it was written by white elitists. I am saddened that so many are willing to compromise our freedom and to have the government control us in a socialistic manner. I am angry that the elected administration mocks Christians calling them bitter and clinging to their religion. I am so confused with the American people and the morals and values that this country is now representing.

I pray that this will wake Christians up! That we will grow strong and bold, no longer tolerating liberalism that is forced upon us.

I pray that America will humble herself and seek the face of God and repent!

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