Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trying to understand...

Do you ever wonder what in this world God is doing? Do you ever just see things happen and think to can this be allowed? Why is this happening? What are people thinking? Where is God in this?
I'm having so much trouble wrapping my mind around things that are happening right now. I know that God is in control! But, I just wish I just could see what He was doing and why He is doing it.
Okay...okay, I know...suck it up and have faith. Maybe that's what I'm supposed to be learning. Not understanding but trusting that my Lord is in total and complete control. He knows and that's all that matters. Who am I to question Him?!
Just wish that sometimes I could see the picture that He sees!

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Janelle Flint said...

Oh Wendy, how I love you! I'm praying peace for you in the midst of all of this. Keep your eyes on God. He does want you to trust Him and it might mean making the hardest decision possible. Keep your eyes on HIM and not on man, ANY man. That means (Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln too) as in money. Not only can He provide peace but he can provide resources. Girl He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. I love, love, love you!!!