Thursday, June 16, 2011

Patch Work

In the past, a hole in a pair of jeans meant that it was time to be either donated or trashed. My how times have changed! A hole in a pair of jeans can be patched so easily! No need to think tacky denim patches on the outside of the jeans (my daughter would be horrified to wear a pair of jeans with that!).
Just turn the jeans inside out...

Then cut to size the patch and place over the hole....

Then iron...

When turned back right side out, it looks worn, but no hole.

Now walking in stores you will notice that the "worn" look is really in right now. So, no worries there!
Then the pairs of jeans that are just beyond patching, I cut off and either make shorts or capris.

I just cut, then measure and make sure both sides are equal. Roll once, iron and roll again and iron. Then take and tack at the inseams and in the middle of the roll, but making sure you don't go all the way thru, just catch inside roll. This way no stitch work can be seen, but the roll will stay in place. There you go! Easy! I like this too, because I am in control of the length of the shorts! I try to dress my daughter modestly and in today's society sometimes it's difficult to find shorts that is a respectable length.
Another tip, is that if your kids outgrow the jeans or pants in length, but they still fit in the waist, convert them to shorts or capris. It also gives you options when shopping at GoodWill or thrift stores. Always think out of the box. Autumn can still fit into a 6 in the waist, but they are too short in length. If she needs shorts, I can snag some size 6 at GoodWill and convert to shorts.
You can also jazz the shorts or capris up...go to your local craft store and get some cute transfers and iron them on. A little creativity goes a long way!

A part of being frugal is making do with what you have. How much money I have wasted by throwing things away that could be patched, fixed or re-purposed.

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