Friday, December 5, 2008

Catch up!

I have been MIA for a couple of weeks....there is nothing wrong, I have just been busy and when I haven't been busy....I have been too lazy to blog! Lol!
Our family has had a whirlwind of activity for the last couple of weeks. We got to go to Bristol Speedway to see the wonderful display of Christmas lights. Afterwards, we went to the Christmas city in the in field and smelled some homemade candles and looked at crafts. We warmed ourselves around the fire and ate popcorn. The kids had a blast and we all enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa!
Later that week, we traveled down to South Carolina to spend a day with Jeff's brother and family. We had a wonderful meal and a great time chatting.
This Thanksgiving, Jeff had a week off for vacation. So, after taking Trent to school, we would go window shopping trying to get ideas and prices for Christmas.
We still have not put up our Christmas tree...I hope to do that tonight. Trent has a "group date" this Saturday to see a movie. Now, for those who are unsure what this I was! This is where a group of friends, some are girls and some are boys, go and do something together. The catch is they are grouped as couples. Hmmmm, we used to call this a "double date". Lol! This is Trent's first "group date". We are taking him and picking him up to and from the theatres. I have met his girlfriend and her Mother and we have chatted for a while now. However, I have not met the other couples going. But, we will be supplying the transportation to and from and they are not allowed to see any questionable movies. So, I do feel comfortable about the situation. It is hard to believe that the "group dates" have begun! Yes, I know, he is 16 years old...but he is still my baby!

I hope to once again start blogging regularly. I am back on a schedule...well, for now until Christmas that is...once Christmas is here...all bets are off!

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