Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Christmas tree is FINALLY up!!

We finally got our Christmas tree up! Yes, it did have some accidents that resulted in the death of several Christmas ornaments. They paid the ultimate price in letting a 4 year old place them (or try) on the tree. The first time I heard the glass shatter on the hard wood floor....I cringed...I then did the "Let's all be careful" lecture. As soon as the lecture was complete an ornament slipped from my fingers crashing on to the floor...Jeff smiled and raised his eyebrows...Trent did his "Way to go Mom!" in the typical teenage voice that does no wrong and Autumn....Autumn repeated the "Let's all be careful" lecture. But, even with the deaths of some beloved ornaments the tree is up and ready to be enjoyed.

Saturday we all bundled up and went to the Christmas parade. Trent was a great big brother and sat down on the sidewalk with his sister pointing out things in the parade and chasing after candy...finally Autumn got brave and would grab up some candy thrown to her. By the time the parade was over, we were all frozen! But, this was the big "Group date" night, so we headed out to the theatre. The kids saw "Twilight". It got mixed reviews...those that read the book, thought the movie was awful, those that didn't...really liked it. I wasn't too thrilled with a choice of the vampire movie, but I did allow it. It is really sad that there are so few movies for kids to see these days!

We had a busy weekend...but, I did get to squeeze in a Christmas movie on television. Christmas movies have really changed since I was a kid. I remember the focus being on Christ and love. I love the "It's a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart and "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!". I haven't seen them this year though. But, it seems that the movies now leave Christ out....the love part is there, but somehow diluted. A sign of the times I'm afraid! I am searching for ways to bring the true focus of Christmas into my home for us and the kids in new and different ways. A challenge for me to say the least!

I am gearing up for my goody baking for gifts. I am making the list...checking it twice! Yes, a pitiful attempt of with me people! I will post some recipes later this week hopefully. Now, it's back to cleaning house before picking up the kids at school. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening! God Bless!

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The Happy Housewife said...

Your tree looks beautiful. I had to laugh at your ornament story. When I was a kid my mom was backing the car out of the garage and as she was backing up she was giving us a lecture about closing our car doors while she backed up. Well, of course her door was open and it got ripped off as she backed out! Too funny ( although I am sure my mom didn't see it that way :).