Monday, December 15, 2008

A trip to Hollywild!

This weekend we went to Hollywild in South Carolina. It is a zoo type place that takes in animals that have starred in television shows or commercials and since retired. But, that's not the reason we went. They decorate the whole park and you drive through at night to see the lights and decorations. This isn't a good shot of the lights...but you get an idea.

At one point you get a bag of deer feed and drive into a field and the deer run up to your car and eat out of your hand!! Really cool! We opened up the van doors and the kids who were in the back with Grandma and Grandpa had a blast feeding them!

Then you drive to Santa's village where you can buy baby bottles and feed the goats. You also can purchase crackers to feed cows, long horned steers, buffalo, horses, ponies and camels!

The buffalo and I had an encounter, I'm just glad I had on gloves when he took the cracker from me with that long tongue! The camel and I had a special bond! He slimed me with his saliva! Ugh! It was almost a kiss...almost! Jeff caught the picture above BEFORE the sliming took place. Needless to say...I was kinda grossed out and stayed away from all other animals except the goats and ponies!
They had a huge bonfire where you could roast marshmallows and hotdogs. It was a cute trip to take with the family. Autumn and Trent are still talking about feeding the animals. I enjoyed the time with my Mom and Dad. This time last year, Daddy was still sick with the chemo and radiation...this year we are savoring every moment! I am so thankful that he is still cancer free and we are able to enjoy family outings and make lots more memories!

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The Happy Housewife said...

that sounds like a lot of fun, I wish we had something like that near us!