Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I have been MIA (missing in action) lately!

Gosh! I have been so busy that I haven't posted in 2 weeks! Sorry!
It is time for another grocery store trip, which means coupons, sales, menus and shopping lists need to be prepared! We all loaded up and went to Target on Labor Day and I found a organizer that I am going to use for my coupons in the "Dollar Spot" area.

I have it all ready to use!

Speaking of sales! Target has their school supplies marked down! I got 10 spiral notebooks for $1, 10 pocket/prong portfolios for $1 and a 13 cent ruler! I tried to keep myself from going absolutely crazy buying things....a no no when on a tight budget! But, I was very pleased!

I am also making some Christmas gifts...some of which I may post when complete. I need to make sure they are not readers of my blog first!
AND I have been getting ready for a yard sale. I have been sorting and cleaning every room to remove all clutter and get rid of all the clothes that we no longer wear and things we no longer use. Ugh! And now the weekend planned for having this yard sale that I have been working so hard on....well, Hurricane Hanna is coming through and expected to bring lots of rain to our area!! A friend is scrambling trying to find an inside spot for us to use just in case it hits during yard sale time!

Well, that's the update for our family no more missing in action! I will be more faithful in my postings! I promise!

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