Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Rosh Hashannah!

Nope, I'm not Jewish...well, not exactly (I have been adopted through the blood of Jesus!). I am learning more about the Jewish festivals. I'm not sure why; as Christians; we moved away from celebrating these festivals. I mean after all we tend to celebrate everything else! After learning a little about this festival I love it! It is a time of reflection, a time to look deep inside, to examine your life and see if you are living your life with God directing your path. Are you following God or man? It is a time for repentance!To turn away from sin and make amends!
Yes, we should be doing this everyday, but how cool is it to have a festival where the main focus is becoming closer to our Lord! Awesome! The festival starts at sundown today when it becomes the official Jewish New Year!
What am I going to do to celebrate? I am going to make more time to study the word of God, pray and worship. I am going to introduce my family to the Jewish festival and try to incorporate some Jewish customs from the festival. If anyone has any other ideas, I would love to hear from you! I pray that this will be a special time for my family! I am excited to see how this will strengthen my walk with the Lord! Happy Rosh Hashannah!

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Janelle said...

I was JUST talking about this VERY thing with Nathan the other day. I think it's AWESOME that you and your family are going to incorporate some customs from the Jewish heritage into YOUR family. Let me know how it turns out. Wendy your blogs are a real encouragement. God bless.