Thursday, September 4, 2008

Going a little political!

I usually don't discuss politics. I am not very knowledgeable in them. I know who I like when it comes to values and morals, but when we start talking about taxes....well, all I can tell you is I don't like them! I can't tell you anything else about the economy, the environment or foreign policies. So, in all fairness...I just go with the shared moral values and standards of the candidate.
But, I am excited and totally stoked about Sarah Palin! I watched her speech and she blew me away! She was funny and very sassy! (personality traits I love!) She has faced challenges head on! She hasn't ran away....she hasn't cried in a corner....she has stood up and let people (media and the "other" party) that she is no door mat! That she is qualified! That she is smart! That she does not play by the rules! When something is wrong...she calls it wrong! Yes! She is out of the box(Something I admire)! I see her being a type of person that I personally could become close friends with. Maybe that is what I find so appealing. I respect her (hard to do that with people in the political world)! Now, I'm not saying she is perfect...who of us is? But, my sister in-law's aunt is from Alaska...she knows all about the investigations, all about her voting record, all about the so called "dirt" and she sings her NOTHING but praises! She loves her!
So, all I have to say in the loudest most proudest cheer that I have.....GO SARAH PALIN! YOU THE WOMAN! YOU SHAKE THEM UP! YOU TURN WASHINGTON ON IT'S EAR! GO GIRL!!

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