Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stepping out of the box...

What I am about to type may sound so silly for most...but for me, it has been life changing!
Sunday I had the honor of serving the vets dinner at the ABCCM Vet Quarters. Now, I have served before...but, only in a church setting. I can hear my Pastor preach about getting out of our 4 walls and ministering to others. I'm not sure how I thought I was doing that, but honestly, I thought I was. Then Sunday evening I woke up! My life has been sheltered and naive! I realize that now.
I was nervous about going to the vets quarters. It was an unknown envirnoment with unknown people who suffered unknown things. Now for me to step out of my box is one thing but to take my entire family to the unknown is another. I was honestly a little scared. All those fears instantly went away as soon as I walked in the lobby! The greeting we received was that of such appreciation and love it was overwhelming! We were immediately accepted, the men there were so gracious and filled with joy and appreciation. We went to bless them, but they blessed us! My whole family enjoyed our time there. It was only an hour and a half, but that hour and a half was life changing. How silly I was to be afraid! Now the most ironic part...Pastor Kevin preached on fear that morning! Yep, God was preparing me and speaking to me...He knew that I was nervous. For some reason I don't have a problem stepping out of my box to do new things...but when my kids are involved, I get nervous and I have anxiety over it. But, God has been faithful and so good....and patient. He is stretching me and shaping me. Things I have never thought of and never considered are now possibilities. So, all of this said...to say that I am excited to see where God is taking me. To see God in action in my life and my family's life. And most of all...I'm excited to see how God is going to use me!

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