Monday, April 27, 2009

Prom Memories!

My Mom was cleaning out the attic when she stumbled across my old prom dress from 22 years ago! As I took it out of the bag I was amazed how it held up! Autumn was immediately interested in this dress. Trent; however made a remark like..."Looks like something Laura would wear on "Little House on the Prairie". After working at the Bridal shop and seeing all the "new" styles, I could see why he said that. But, in my mind I thought it was a modest dress not like a lot of "todays" dresses where it all hangs out, but that's another blog! Lol!
I let Autumn try on my dress and floral combs that I wore on my prom....

Then I thought....Hmmmmm, I wonder if I can still fit in it! So, I tried it on! And guess what y'all! IT FIT!!! I got it zipped and everything without any effort! I was so proud I went around the house showing everyone...needless to say...Jeff really didn't care, Autumn thought I looked silly and Trent....well, Trent was really embarrassed that his Mom would even wear a dress that they wore so long ago!

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Janelle said...

Those pics are PRICELESS and the story is even funnier!!! Autumn looks so sweet. I can just see Trent and the look on his face! However, I do have to say "You Go Girl!" about fitting into your dress. YEAH for you! I hope you had a good day yesterday and I hope to see you this week.