Thursday, April 2, 2009

All Burned out!

Well guys, I think it's time to declare that my loyal and faithful friend is all burned out! It's time to replace her...she has been there for me straightening things out for a couple of years now. She has weathered through all the abuse that I have dished out. She has broke a couple of times under the extreme pressure that I have put her under, but we have been able to patch things up pretty well. But, she doesn't seem to have the hot passion for our friendship that she once with this I am looking for a new loyal and faithful friend (who is also cheap!).

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Sarah said...

They're still hiring childcare workers for Montreat Summer Staff - its nights and weekends though. That's where I'll be working this summer. You could also try the dining room at the conference center - ask to speak to Mary Boswell. She's really good about working around YOUR schedule.