Friday, February 27, 2009

Yea! Grocery amount was under budget!

WOOOO HOOOO! I was able to get my 2 week grocery budget under $150! I spent around $130 this go around. I was able to find some great markdowns on some meat! Ingles had family packs of chicken thighs marked down to $3!! I can't remember off hand the price of my other meat find, but it was sirloin tips and I was excited! We hardly ever have beef because it is so expensive. It's usually chicken, ground turkey, and tuna for this family! Aldis is a life saver! I LOVE Aldis! They really help keep my grocery budget intact! When the cashier finished ringing everything up...and my buggy was all the way to the top with no room left, she asked me to guess my amount. It was $83! She was as amazed as I was! Then with the meat buys I got at Ingles and Super Wal-Mart...the total was $134. God is so good!
I had all intentions of taking a picture for everyone to see just how much I got, but my hubby and son went to putting away the groceries pretty quick!
I am wanting to start stockpiling some groceries...I just need to figure out how to budget it and what to get. If anyone can offer up suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I have read where a case lot of food is the cheapest...but how do I go about getting that...where and how much am I looking at. I learn so much from you ladies on your blog!! Thanks for all the wisdom!!

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