Friday, January 15, 2010

What was I thinking?!?!

Let me start this post as...if there was any doubt that I loved my family and would do anything for them...this should end all speculation. My family has wanted a dog for quite a while now...I kept saying "no". Well, I finally said "yes". And instead of one...we got two! TWO!! Now I must admit while I was in a full blown panic attack walking out of the shelter...everyone kept reassuring me that two are easier than one.
Night one: three potty accidents! Two on the hard wood floors and one on the carpet! Ugh! But, when they went in the crate together for the night, not a whine or whimper! Yes!
Morning one: She (Ella) peed on him (Nikko)! After walking both of them outside at 5:30 a.m. Both got baths!! Then two potty accidents both on hard wood floors!
Day one: The leash is still tricky, but they are starting to get the hang of it. They were walked 3 times already and it's barely noon. One potty accident on the hard wood floor. Honestly, Ella is the potty bandit! Nikko has done really well. Now they are both asleep in their crate!
Now, I must admit...two are easier than one. They play together and keep each other out of trouble...except when Ella pulled the phone cord off the table! Nikko made sure I was aware it was all her! Lol!
I just keep reminding myself of Trent and Autumn's faces as I clean up each potty accident. Now, I need to keep all my OCD impulses down to a manageable level. How many times do you think a "normal" person would mop the floor?

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